FTI Consulting Global: Claims Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The FTI Consulting Insurance Practice has a long and successful record of claims arbitration and litigation support services across a wide range of industry sectors. Our team of insurance professionals has deep experience in all financial and operational facets of underwriting, policy management, claims processing, and third-party involvement, including the impact of claims on customer relationships. We assist legal advisers in all aspects of large, complex domestic and cross-border claims involving multiple parties, providing services that include:


- Interpretation of policy language, terms and conditions,

- Assessment of actuarial assumptions and models

- Investigation of reinsurance claims

- Claims archaeology to uncover relevant information

- Fraud investigation

- Investigation and analysis of triggering events and damage valuation

- Interpretation of GAAP and accounting standards compliance

- Forensic accounting

- Expert opinions and testimony

- Strategic communications

- E-discovery


Our professionals, including ARIAS members in the UK and United States, have a full understanding of arbitration and court proceedings in major venues, and have a proven record of providing expert analysis and testimony that is communicated effectively and persuasively to all parties.


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